I want to welcome everyone to the 2022-2023 school year at China Spring Middle School! It’s an honor to serve this campus and community. Before becoming the principal, I served as an assistant principal of the middle school (2021-2022) as well as an assistant principal at China Spring High School (2018-2021).

This year our students and staff are instilling hope in each other through the process of setting specific goals, working to achieve those goals, planning for possible obstacles, and then celebrating successes when our goals are met. We believe this specific process will turn into great academic, extracurricular, and social success.

Our Vision at China Spring Middle School is to foster exceptional experiences for our students and staff by being helpful, responsible and optimistic. We believe we can achieve this on a daily basis by following our Campus Mission Statement, which is to collaborate in the educational process of setting goals, working hard to achieve them, making contingency plans, and celebrating successes. 

Finally, our core values as faculty, staff, and students of China Spring Middle School are Commitment, Respect, Grit, and Integrity. 

Please feel free to contact us at the office should you need anything. We can’t wait to serve you. Have a great year!



David Ellis


China Spring Middle School